Healthy Habits Seniors Should Keep

Healthy Habits Seniors Should Keep

In more often than not, we find it overwhelming to keep up with all the healthcare needs of senior loved ones or our parents who are already 65 and older. However, you can easily manage to navigate the health of your senior loved one. We have listed and discussed briefly some of the top healthy habits that you can encourage your senior loved one to keep. Check them out!

  1. Focus majorly on prevention

Prevention is better than cure. I bet you have heard of this statement a million times. And yes, it is absolutely true. Ensure that they get vaccinations to prevent pneumonia and influenza. There important preventive care practices, such as screening for heart problems, colon cancer, cholesterol levels, among other practices that can help a great deal in preventing health complications.

  • Eat healthy

This should be obvious. However, not all seniors practice this habit. As you age, your digestive system and metabolism slow down. So, developing the habit of eating whole grains, vegetables and high-fiber is very important. Seniors should also take plenty of fluids to keep hydrated. This is because people who are 65 and older are usually prone to dehydration. Staying hydrated also keeps seniors sharp and energized.

  • Get enough sleep

Sleep is part of a healthy living, and seniors need it more than young adults. However, not all seniors get enough sleep every day. Insomnia and frequent walking during the night are very common among people who are 65 and older. To prevent these from happening, be sure to turn all the bedroom lights on when your senior loved one has gone to sleep. You should also make sure that their bedroom is quiet, cool, and comfortable.  

  • Engage the mind

Senior’s mental health is very important. To prevent any possible mental decline and illness, try new mind games, hobbies and activities that engage and stimulate the mind. Activities such as doing crossword puzzles, reading and writing, and indulging in new hobbies can help keep the mind alert, healthier and happier. Plans at from AARP can save you money in 2019.

  • Socialize

Seniors feel more connected when they spend time with friends and family. This is especially true for those seniors with mobility issues. Encourage grandchildren to visit your senior parents more often. Ensure that the time you spend together is enjoyable. Such visits are very important because they also make older adults feel wanted, important, and more upbeat. Feeling positive is actually the most effective medicine that seniors need.